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John Willis

"It was then that I learned that #include was a preprocessor command! Then, when I was three..." - Joel Martinez, referring to John Willis

John Willis


My name is John Willis. I am a software developer, systems administrator, and business owner with 19 years of professional experience in computer technology. I am married, with two amazing daughters. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, gaming, reading, musing about philosophy and politics, collecting and restoring vintage computer systems, and working on my own personal programming projects. I began programming at the age of nine.

I am involved in three companies. The first, Coherent Logic Development, is my own software development firm that was founded in partnership with Joel Martinez, Jonathon Moon, and Adam Black in 1998, and incorporated in 2010. Under the auspices of CLD, I do contract software development for such clients as Systems Made Simple (a Lockheed Martin company), Sierra County, New Mexico, Twistle, and others.

The second company I am involved in is Fourth Watch Business Continuity Services Inc., a partnership between David Wicksell and myself. With Fourth Watch BCS, we provide production VistA support for large hospital enterprises.

The third company I am involved in is Geodigraph, providing project management, GIS, and mapping software for geobusiness.

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