Who We Are
The Datashed is a miniature data center in the American Southwest, in the spirit of the heterogeneous machine rooms of the 1980s and 1990s. Dedicated to melding old and new technology.

Honor Roll

These are individuals whose invaluable contributions have made the Datashed, its design, and its continued maintenance possible. Without them, the Datashed would still just be a leaky old habitat for spiders and mice.

Miri Lozano

My beautiful wife comes first and foremost, for not only tolerating, but supporting and appreciating this hobby. She also spent many hours helping me hang drywall in 2013, and insisted that I upgrade the HVAC system in the Datashed before installing central air conditioning in our actual home. I love you, mi amor!

Joel Martinez

Joel Martinez is the Datashed Facilities Manager. A seasoned technologist and enterprise data center veteran, Joel has provided the following types of support:

  • Much of the x86-64 server hardware
  • Weeks of help building the new roof
  • Many network switches, modules, and optics
  • Countless RAM and CPU upgrades
  • Extremely useful design advice
  • Moral support
  • Gentle but much-needed chiding to spend the extra $10 for a larger screen and more RAM

David Whitten

David Whitten, a veteran software engineer, has funded a great many enhancements to the Datashed, especially in the area of uninterruptible power supplies (multiple large units) and storage systems.

Anthony Gutierrez

Anthony spent a lot of time helping install insulation and drywall, and even loaned me one of his laborers for an afternoon to continue the project. He also installed the replacement door, and helped with the installation of the first networking rack.

Grant Taylor

Grant is a top-tier networking expert, who helped to design the current architecture of the network, and provides continued motivation for me to attend to tasks on which I tend to procrastinate. He has also done the bulk of the work on RetroNet.

LD “Gus” Landis

Gus provided the original complement of x86 hardware, as well as the 1DCA.C02 rackmount cabinet. As my mentor, Gus was much of the source of inspiration for me to get into information technology to begin with.

George Welch

George provided the entirety of the large DEC Alpha cluster (4x DEC 2000 AXP machines, 2x DEC TZ-867 tape jukeboxes, SCSI-2 storage shelves containing 127 hard drives, 2x PowerWare Prestige EXT uninterruptible power supplies, 2x large rack-mount cabinets).

Deb Kuhn

Deb, a veteran network and storage systems engineer, consulted on the initial network design.