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The Datashed is a miniature data center in the American Southwest, in the spirit of the heterogeneous machine rooms of the 1980s and 1990s. Dedicated to melding old and new technology.

VLAN Renumbering Plan and IP Addressing

Currently, the datashed’s VLAN setup is far from ideal:

  • There are several VLANs that are no longer used or needed.
  • I’d like to have out-of-band management stuff on VLAN ID #1 (the native VLAN). This is desirable in order to prevent management functions from being inaccessible in the case of VLAN database corruption.
  • I’d like to begin using /16 blocks for the IPv4 addressing of internal subnets, instead of the current /24 blocks.
  • I would like the second octet of each subnet to represent its VLAN ID (i.e., VLAN 5 would be Obviously, I don’t currently intend to have more than 127 VLANs any time soon, although there are 4096 possible VLAN IDs in the basic standard.
  • I consider this a prerequisite for my plans of implementing IPv6 internally (the network already implements full IPv6 on the Internet-facing side).
  • I also consider this a prerequisite for setting up a VPN to allow internal network access from remote locations.

I am also trying to get two /29¬†blocks of public IPv4 addresses in addition to the existing /27 and /28 blocks (which will ultimately become /24 blocks, at the smallest). This will fix some routing problems I’m currently having.


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